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Give Grandly-Give Local is part of an annual, nationwide fundraising event that focuses donations to local non-profits in one 24-hour window (12:01 am to 11:59 pm), a giving day. Many state and local community foundations participate as part of their mission to support local nonprofits. They believe that by facilitating and supporting these giving days, they can increase the impact of nonprofits in their communities and foster a local culture of giving.  

New Mexico has participated in Give Grandly since 2014. That year, the effort in Grant County was sponsored by the Grant County Community Foundation (GCCF), and 38 non-profits signed up! GCCF secured a private donation to cover nonprofit registration fees ($40 each) which enabled many small organizations to participate. The community response was overwhelming, generating substantial online and in-person contributions, mostly between $10 and $25. That year, Grant County made history by raising $56,852 in 24 hours with all funds being restriction free. GCCF does not take a percentage so the money raised goes directly to designated nonprofits.


In 2015, Grant County started planning for the next year’s event in August with all of the non-profits collaborating in regular monthly meetings. This time Grant County was going it alone as the rest of the state took a break from participating, although some nonprofits from neighboring Catron and Luna counties joined our group. These nonprofits decided to reserve Gough Park to have a large, noticeable event that we could invite the public to come to in order to get to know area nonprofits. Forty-one non-profits participated and raised $93,707 in the 24-hour period! Many people gave to more than one nonprofit - for example, one man brought eight $10 bills and gave each to a different organization. This 2015 non-profit group voted to form a coalition, the Southwest New Mexico Non-Profit Coalition, dedicated to planning this event annually as well as looking for other collaborative opportunities.


This year, 2016, GCCF is partnering with United Way, which provided a web platform and mobile app that is a substantial savings from our past internet costs, even though UW is not taking a cut of any of the charitable funds raised. The 2016 Give Grandly event is scheduled for Saturday, May 14 and the public giving fair will be on 7th Street, next to the Silver City Farmers’ Market, from 8:30 to 2:30.  The web platform only takes credit or debit cards, but nonprofits can accept cash and checks at the fair or at their offices. As each nonprofit tallies local gifts with web donations, the leader board on the website allows the community to watch the giving totals rise all day long. GCCF is extremely proud to have initiated this crowd funding event and will continue to be a catalyst for future efforts.